Who we are?... What we do?...

Our credo is inspired by the gratitude aroused by the mere sight of our children playing, loving and trusting their pets as such bond becomes the best gift one can receive in life by awaking and nurturing kindness and empathy from an early age. Valueing pets as the best teachers in our children’s lives, we cherish every beautiful emotion they sparked in their hearts, empowering them with the first acknowledgement of friendship, generosity, compassion and courage to take any challenge!

And as years go by, we never forget how our pets first inspired us to genuinely open our eyes and hearts to anyone other but ourselves, long before we got to be blessed with any experience of friendship and love!

Because in the end, as strange as it might come, the best reminder of our true meaning as humans is before anything a courtesy of our pets whether our days are brighten by their joy and devotion or we’re blessed as silent witnesses of the deepest understanding of love and support just be watching them take care of one another!

Bianca Lar
Founder & Owner